Our podiatrists are dedicated health care professionals for conditions of the feet – and for problems that feet may cause elsewhere in your body.

For example, changes in foot posture may cause pain in the shins, kneecaps, outer buttock or hip, lower back, mid back, shoulder blades and, of course, in the foot itself.  Some examples of what podiatrists treat are listed below.

Conditions of the Nails and Skin
Callus, corns and pressure areasclinic
Cracked and thickened heel skin

Plantar warts (verrucas)
Infection in and around the nail
Ingrown toenails
Deformed and thickened nails
Other painful areas of the feet

Foot pain
Pain in the ball of the foot
Heel or arch pain (also known as plantar fasciitis)
Ankle pains and sprains
Numbness or tingling in the feet  (neuropathy)
Morton’s neuroma
Muscular or tendon  pain
Calf muscles or achilles pain
Arthritis and joint pain.
Poor endurance of standing.

Simone D Photography0782Diabetes
We provide foot health education and assessment and treatment of diabetic foot conditions.

Virtually all muscular, joint and ligamentous pain in the foot can be treated.  Often these conditions are caused by poor foot posture and mechanics (the way the bones, joints and muscles interact and move) and pain can often be eliminated completely.  Even incurable impairments such as rheumatoid arthritis can be relieved if the foot is made to work more efficiently.