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Fungal Toenails

Toenail fungal infections (onychomycosis)

A typical fungal toenail

Toenails are often not regarded as the most attractive part of our bodies but sometimes they can become particularly unsightly. As shown in the picture opposite, this is often due to the nail becoming infected by a fungus, a condition called onychomycosis.

There are around 50 different types of fungi that can infect the nail.  As fungi prefer hot, dark and damp conditions,  feet are the perfect breeding ground for them.

When a nail is infected by a fungus it will become thickened, stained, discoloured and ‘crumbly’.

The diagnosis of onychomycosis can be confirmed by special laboratory tests on scrapings of the affected nail. Treatment may consist of the podiatrist cutting away the infected area and having you paint the nail with a medicated lacquer. Treatment may be needed for several months.

Fungal infections spread quite easily, so it is important not to cut ‘good’ nails with tools that have been used on bad ones.   See us today to get your treatment plan under way.