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If you suffer from regular headaches, it’s possible that poor foot mechanics are the cause. Every day, we walk on hard unyielding surfaces.  Your feet have a natural method of shock absorbtion which is interferred with by excessive foot pronation.  This means that, for about 40% of us, your feet waste their natural bounce at the wrong time, leading to a jarring effect travelling up the body. This chain-reaction of aches and pains may travel throughout the body – through the feet, shins, kneecaps, hips, shoulders and even result in headache and neckache.  In extreme cases, even temperomandibular joint pain (your jaw’s hinge joint) has been reported.  While you might take an aspirin to make short term pains go away, that’s not an suitable answer in the long-term. You should always aim to treat the cause and not just the symptoms. To do this, call us today to arrange an appointment for assessment by our podiatrist.  The answer may be simpler than you think !