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Features of footwear

Footwear plays an important role in your daily balance, stability and maintaining optimal foot health as well as in the prevention or reduction of foot and leg overuse conditions, injuries, and pain. What you wear on your feet determines a lot of how you walk, stand, and move about during the day. It can be extremely difficult to know what the right option for you is.

Features of footwear can vary significantly – including the material, shape, support, style and suitability for your life and daily activities. Well-fitting shoes, with the appropriate degree of support is an essential tool when dealing with issues such as bunions, corns, callous, arthritis, hammer toes and pain in the forefoot. Foot deformities may require a shoe that has extra width, depth or is seamless.

We can provide footwear assessments

At Ashmore Podiatry, our podiatrists are skilled in assessing how your current footwear functions, the wear patterns, biomechanics, foot posture, and shape of your foot with your preferred shoe style, lifestyle factors and goals in mind. Our podiatrists are then able to pair your feet and their characteristics with the right shoes that will better protect you from injury, maximise your performance and ensure lifelong foot health.

We can provide footwear assessments for customised orthotics, sporting needs, school wear, growing feet, diabetes, and work. In some cases, such as severe bunions or more advanced diabetes, a custom-made shoe is more appropriate. In these situations, our podiatrist can liaise with a custom shoemaker to achieve the optimal result.

Up to date

Our team of podiatrists are constantly keeping up to date with new shoes on the market from both small and large footwear brands. We encourage you not to be influenced by colour, brand popularity or the current hype.

Following an assessment and as part of your management, we can recommend a shoe or refer you to a specialised shoe store with a prescription to purchase the best shoe for you and to your personal preference. We stay well connected with many of the running and casual shoe stores within the Northern Gold Coast area to ensure you have plenty of options available to you.

We have formed an affiliate partnership with our footwear supplier, Global Footcare to offer you a complete online shoe shopping experience. Free delivery to your door. No need to leave home.