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Development of children’s feet

Children’s feet and legs develop and change with age as a normal part of growth. From learning how to crawl, to pulling to a stand, walking, running, jumping, hopping, skipping, and playing sport. These are all developmental milestones we aim to achieve through to our adolescence. It can be difficult for a parent to know what normal development for their children’s feet is and what is not.

Ashmore Podiatry are the health professionals dedicated to problems in the developing foot and leg. Our podiatrists are trained to recognise the normal stages of development and diagnose potential problems. We understand that each child has unique characteristics that require individual attention, and we take into consideration family history and that children vary in their growth rate.

A paediatric assessment with a podiatrist is recommended if you find your child:


  • Is frustrated or upset because they find it difficult to keep up with their class.
  • Avoids or refuses to participate in a level of activity that is normal for their peers.
  • Walks differently from other children e.g. intoeing or persistently toe-walking over the age of three.
  • Regularly limps, trips, or has poor walking coordination.
  • Consistently complains of foot or leg pain.
  • Has flat feet after the age of six years old.
  • Has feet that look different to one another. (asymmetrical)
  • Has excessive or uneven shoe wear.
  • Has tinea, a plantar wart, or an ingrown toenail.

Assisting with children’s natural development

If your child is experiencing pain from an overuse injury or “growing pains” we can help to relieve pain by addressing issues such as tightness, weakness, poor foot mechanics, inefficient walking/running pattern, and incorrect footwear which has an influence on their stance and gait. Often orthotics can greatly assist with children’s natural development. 

There are many lower limb problems during adulthood which originate from untreated problems during childhood or teenage years. Some of these problems can be managed significantly better, reduced, or even prevented if treated appropriately and early on in life.

Early assessment, evidence-based advice, intervention and when required, ongoing management by our podiatrists will see your child moving, running, and playing at their best.