Ingrown Toenail Surgery

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Ingrown toenail

If conservative management of an ingrown toenail fails, the problem is ongoing, or infection has not responded to antibiotic therapy, minor surgical intervention may be necessary for a permanent solution. The procedure to remove an ingrown nail is performed in one of our fully equipped clinic rooms at Ashmore Podiatry by our qualified and experienced podiatrists using sterile techniques. 

A local anaesthetic is skilfully administered to ensure the surgery is pain free and the procedure usually takes less than one hour. The minor surgery is called a partial nail avulsion (PNA) and it involves removing a small portion of the troublesome nail and permanently preventing that part of the nail growing back. We apply a chemical called phenol which destroys the nail-growing cells in the nail bed. 

After the surgery

After the surgery is completed, the patient will be provided with comprehensive post-operative instructions and dressings. Patients are able to walk out of the treatment room and generally do not need to take time off work following the procedure. Recovery time is around 2-6 weeks and follow up appointments are included in the procedure cost. There is little to no post-operative pain if rest and elevation advice is followed.

A Positive Treatment Outcome

The patient will be left with a slightly narrower nail that continues to grow normally, but without the edge that was constantly becoming ingrown. Most results are aesthetically pleasing as there are no scars or damage to the surrounding skin and remaining nail. This procedure has an 80% long-term resolution success rate.

Don’t persevere with ongoing ingrown toenail problems. Our podiatrists at Ashmore Podiatry are highly skilled at achieving a positive treatment outcome for our valued patients.